Blackheads on the elbow of my Dog

TysonDailyVideosPublished: December 5, 2017Updated: December 6, 2017217 plays$1.24 earned
Published: December 5, 2017Updated: December 6, 2017

I found these interesting looking dots on the elbow of my dog. then i gave it a close look to find out what they are. Few of them were coming out of the surface already.
when i touch the skin i felt that they all are little above the surface of the skin.
then i applied some coconut oil on the skin to make it soft.
and after applying the oil the blackheads started looking more clear.
then i thought how to remove blackheads? I found this.
so i started removing the blackheads out one by one it seems like they all are just ready to come out.
There are a lot of them i just removed few of them in this video because i think the way i am removing these is not good enough and also making video while removing the blackheads is not so easy.
In the next video i will to get proper lights and good camera position to show whats going on clearly.
yeah i forgot to tell you about the things which came out of the skin. these are same as the blackheads of human beings but they are little more hard than those we used to have.
I am collecting them all and will show them in the next upcoming videos.

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