Compassionate Pug Cries After Discovering An Injured Bird

shimmioPublished: December 5, 20177,200 views
Published: December 5, 2017

One might think that animals can’t show compassion. But when you think about the joy your pet expresses when they see you come home after a busy day at work, thinking that compassion is an emotion they are not familiar with is common bull!

Animals can feel and are known to express a variety of emotions and compassion is right there on that list, along with joy, sadness, jealousy and fear.

When this adorable pup went for a walk with his owner, he came across something that not only made him feel sad, but he couldn’t contain at and started growling and whining! On his walk, Dexter came across a bird that had fallen injured on the ground and was probably living its last moments. He felt utter compassion for it and it can be both seen and heart in this touching video.

“My pug, Dexter, encountering a dying bird. He doesn't try to play with it, or kill and eat it. He cries for it.” says Dexter’s owner in the original clip. What a sweet pup.

There are even more extreme cases where compassion took over, like Vali, the hero Grizzly in the Budapest ZOO, when he showed great compassion for a crow that was drowning in his water pit.

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