Urban Fox Success Story

Published December 5, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble When this fox started visiting, 2 years ago, he was in a terrible condition. Very thin, was starving, his coat was awful and he had an injured rear foot. Not sure if his foot was caught in a trap.

This video shows how well he looks now. He is no longer thin or starving as he is fed very well. He looks healthy and his coat is thick. He arrives between 4pm and 5pm every evening and will sit patiently until the food is thrown up to him. He will allow us to get within a few feet of him. He will eat, wash himself and chill out for a while before he leaves.

His foot is still showing signs of injury and we have contacted the RSPCA for advice.

These poor foxes are being forced from their natural habitat to urban areas to forage for food. Love or loathe foxes, you cannot deny that they are beautiful creatures.