Cardi B Moved Everyone’s Butts In The NYC Subway

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Published: December 5, 2017

You all know that feeling when you hear a good piece of music and your whole body starts to react on those tunes. You just want to make your moves following the rhythm, not caring at all whether someone is watching you or not. Good vibes are a great way to start your day.

So, when you find that catchy melody that makes your body move to its rhythm, the moment you start shaking your booty, it will ‘infect’ everyone else.

American rapper Cardi B announced her name in the Hip-Hop world with her catchy single “Bodak Yellow”. After appearing, her single became No.1 on the Billboard 100 chart in September 2017! She overtook Taylor Swift and reached the top of the charts with “Bodak Yellow”.

This was the song that moved everybody’s butts in the New York City subway, early in the morning. It was a random morning on December 3 at 42nd Street in the 7th Avenue Station. Everybody was waiting for the metro and then a familiar sound was heard… Somebody blasted “Bodak Yellow”.

Everyone seemed to know the words, so they jumped and joined the dance party.

“Bodak Yellow” united the country more than its national anthem. Ain’t no party like a Cardy B Party, no messing with it, bro!

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