Little Piggy Loves Getting Scrubbed In The Bath

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Published: December 5, 2017

Whoever said piggies are dirty animals, after watching this video will question themselves. You have never seen a piglet like this, one that adores taking baths in the real sense of the word.

Thunder the little piggy has a tiny tail, small ears and soft trotters. Having a silky pink skin and glamorous look is not an easy job. It takes a lot of time, lots of baths and scrubbing in order to maintain the cleanliness.

Grunting while taking a bath means that the human is doing his job correctly. Only if he could have a comfortable pillow, then the whole treatment could have taken the epithet “perfect”.

“Honk, honk human. You are doing a great job. Honk, honk. Keep on scrubbing my back, then continue to my head, then my ears. Yup, that is right, that is the right spot.”

This adorable piglet is definitely getting the whole package. His human knows how to spoil him. Regular baths and healthy meals are crucial for having a long and prosper life. Thunder seems to know that, so instead of throwing and rolling himself in the dirt, he enjoys the beauties of a comfortable urban life.

Meet Thunder, the urban piglet that will conquer your hearts.

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