Budgie Activates Amazon Echo Dot By Saying 'Alexa'

ViralVideoUK Published December 5, 2017 414 Plays

Rumble It is still unclear why precisely budgies have evolved the capability to mimic the voices of their surrounding. However research implies that they use it to distinguish members of their group from members of rival groups. A budgie reacts to budgie sounds more readily when they seem more familiar to its own. At the same time, they shun individuals who do not speak their language, so to speak.

Budgies that are raised in captivity might mimic their owners or the noises they typically associate with them. They do this as way of getting acceptance as a member of the larger flock. Every time they hear, for example, 'pretty bird', they interpret it at as a call characteristic to their flock, and soon attempt to produce it themselves.

Part of this video shows exactly that, but with a twist. We can see two budgies (a mini-flock) engaged in a normal budgie behavior - enjoying all the grooming, chattering, beak-kissing and socializing. However, in the midst of the budgie chatter you can clearly hear the green budgie say the word 'Alexa'. Alexa is also a command that activates the Amazon Echo Dot. The budgie was so often exposed to the human talk in its flock that the following activation of the device, although coming at a great surprise for its owners shooting, it is not a surprise considering all.

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