This Praying Mantis 'Boy Band' Waits For A Female To Arrive

ViralVideoUKPublished: December 5, 2017680 views
Published: December 5, 2017

Having their legs stretched out, their bodies artfully poised and flashing a swaggy outfit, these male praying mantises stand in a formation of a promising boy-band. It seem as if they are going to bust a move on the insect version of Strictly Come Dancing.

These mantises are part of a collection that is either born in captivity or have been adjusted to a human company. Freshly caught mantises are very apprehensive. They would follow your every gesture with an amazing speed. Mantises are fun to watch. Like cats, they will follow a finger moving back and forth in front of them. Just mind your fingers – the fang on the of of their arm is quite sharp. Our five dancers have clearly been adapted to artificial surrounding. What is astounding is their coloration. It is an example of a mimicry – the more pronounced this mimicry is, the more colorful the mantis appears and the more exotic the type. It is sometimes mesmerizing to observe these other-worldly creatures, making you wonder the power and creativity of mother nature.

However, our boy band must be warned, because if they happen to attract a female of the same species it could be their last dance.

Should they be deemed worthy by the female, they will begin their mating rituals, but she-mantises are famous for chewing off their partner's head after, or even during, the act.

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