Pelosi, Democrats Look To Cause Fear Among Americans; Calls Tax Plan "Armageddon"

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Published: December 5, 2017

When asked if it’s as apocalyptic as Democrats have made it out to be because "many people are getting a very modest tax cut," she said it was.

"The debate on health care is life, death. This is Armageddon," Pelosi said. "This is a very big deal, because you know why? There's really a very hard way to come back from this."

Pelosi did not make clear if she misspoke by referencing health care when asked about tax reform or if she was referencing the repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate.

"They take us further, more deeply into debt. What can you do but raise taxes," Pelosi said.

"They throw a few crumbs to the middle class. What they give with one hand they take away in bounty with the other," Pelosi added. "And why? Because it is in there DNA to give tax cuts to the rich. That's their purpose in coming to Congress."

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