Food Vendor Goes Screaming For Customers On The Beach

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Published: December 4, 2017

A video has emerged of a woman selling traditional food on a beach on November 24, 2017 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Street food cooking and selling is a local tradition, popular among tourists and beachgoers. However, this lady took food selling to a next level when she decided to go angry vocal at customers. Hilarious!

Woman selling pies displayed in a tray walks along a beach, hoping to make sales to beachgoers.

This beachgoer went to Beira Mar beach in Ribeira and was up for a big surprise. While he was trying to relax and enjoy the sun, he got interrupted by the annoying and scary voice coming from nearby, only to find the angry face of this saleswoman going by. Watch how loud she is yelling, 'Pies for SAAAAAAAAALE!' and freezes your blood.

I bet she scares customers away with her loud yelling. Look how much energy she puts in the food offering as she yells “Saaaaalllleeeee” to beachgoers.

In the attempt to interest beachgoers into buying some pies, this vendor exercises overly aggressive attitude, hoping to sell as many of her goodies. Maybe she thinks that she will reach more people by raising her voice, but she doesn’t realize that she is deafening everyone that is closeby!

The vendor is screaming and shouting her way to successful sale, but her manner doesn’t seem very friendly. If you ask me, she is chasing customers away with her loud and aggressive yelling, instead of attracts their attention!

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