These Smiling Dogs Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile

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Published: December 4, 2017

Having a bad day? This video compilation of dogs grinning at the camera can easily fix that! Even if you're having the best day ever, I promise that this video will brighten it even more! Our favorite clip is the one where the owner is telling the dog NOT to smile but the adorable pooch cannot help but show them teeth! Which clip was your favorite?

In dogs, it is a thin line between smiling and making a guilty face, watch this adorable compilation of dogs showing their teeth and try to guess the reason for their grin!

These smiling pooches are bound to warm even the stone-cold jaded hearts among us. There is a fierce debate on whether or not animals can actually smile. It’s perfectly reasonable to expect that the smiles we see on these animals are a case of our tendency to see human faces in everything around us.

Many animals have different complex visual cues to express their emotions that may preclude the need for smiling. Dogs already communicate with each other by raising their haunches, baring their teeth, changing their postures and raising, lowering or wagging their tails, so it would be reasonable to expect that smiles just aren’t a part of their already complex physical vocabulary.

However, scientists are increasingly warming up to the idea that animals may have a more complex range of emotions and that some of them may even have facial expressions similar to ours.

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