Turkeys Have Funny Personalities

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Published: December 4, 2017

Oh my gosh, the turkeys in this video cracked me up! I had no idea turkeys have such funny personalities. These clips show how fast and on their feet they can be! Some of them were keeping up with the cars!nnThe puppy in the beginning is so freaking cute barking at the turkeys that don’t even care! I couldn’t believe when the little girl was throwing the ball at the turkey and the turkey didn’t even flinch! In fact, the turkey just decided to start playing ball himself! The little girl was getting upset, but hey, you threw it at him! LOL.nnThe cat who was surrounded by all those turkeys. He was sure being a tough guy! I was waiting for him to go running up one of the tree trunks and away from them. But no, he just stood there like, “what do you want?” I wanted to see what happens!nnTurkeys sure make funny noises too. No matter what, they can put a smile on anyone’s face…that is unless you’re the little boy who was being bombarded by baby turkeys! It looked like he was just trying to finish his breakfast but the turkeys were not being understanding of that at all. He was too outnumbered, I felt bad for him.nnDid you see the turkey and deer going around the tree? I guess the turkey isn’t aware he’s half the size? What a funny combo.nnThe turkeys fighting who would not get out of the road. Talk about a turkey rumble! Those guys were really going neck and neck, if you will…no matter what the people did to try and get them out of the road, they refused!nnAnd finally, I will say…I hope I’m never surrounded by a turkey! They seem absolutely relentless in their quest to be your friend.

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