Selena Gomez Tickets For Christmas | Hilarious Reaction

AFVPublished: December 4, 201720 views
Published: December 4, 2017

There is nothing better than watching kids react after getting EXACTLY what they wanted for Christmas. These lucky siblings were gifted tickets to go see Selena Gomez in concert!!! And based off of their reaction, I hope they are sitting in the front row because boy are they excited. Let’s first take time to appreciate their parents for hooking them up with such and awesome Christmas present. Also, I love how the Mom is probably just as excited as they are! She hit them with the “wait, wait, wait” to make sure they all opened the gift at the same time. All of their reactions were great but the teen boy takes the cake! He practically loses it when he finds out… screams, does a back flip, almost kicks the dog… this is seriously his dream come true. HAVE FUN KIDS!

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