Alfonso Ribeiro’s Favorite Thanksgiving Clips

AFVPublished: December 4, 2017
Published: December 4, 2017

Wow! You're gonna love the clips in this video. This is America's Funniest Home Videos host, Alfonso's favorite Thanksgiving clips. Tons of holiday cheer here! I think the little girls in the last clip say it all, it's hard to be a Turkey on Thanksgiving!nnThe video opens up with the little tot saying she's gonna have steak on! Then the little girl who is crying because her dad is frying the turkey and she wants it to live. Awwww, I felt for her! Her dad was like, Oh well, we're fryin' 'er up and you're gonna love it! The toddler boy who is finally getting a chance to slice the turkey on his own (watch the knife, btw) and he sneezes all over it! Ew! Talk about germs. Luckily, it's all in the family! Could you believe that one family had a pregnant turkey? They cooked it and realized it after the fact! Oh man, I'm not sure if I could go ahead with my Thanksgiving knowing that happened beforehand.nnHave you guys ever put a turkey in flames like those guys towards the end of the video? It looked like you really need to know what you’re doing to do something like that. Aw man, I really get sad when we see the wild turkeys running around. They have no idea that Thanksgiving is happening soon and it may be time to be off with their heads! And into the stomachs of Americans everywhere. Just talking about this makes me hungry.nnWhat are your Thanksgiving favorites? I love green bean casserole and stuffing. If you have a good gravy, it’s over! All these videos really got me in the mood for a family get together over the holidays. Just eatin’ and relaxin’, all day long! Hashtag sign me up!

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