Girl Gets Wisdom Teeth Removed, Needs Gas For Her Spaceship

AFVPublished: December 4, 201712 views
Published: December 4, 2017

Need a laugh? When in doubt, you can always count on videos of people rambling their thoughts after having their wisdom teeth pulled. This teen just hit her life milestone of getting her wisdom teeth surgery. To the utter amusement of her family members, the ride back from the dentist’s office was endlessly entertaining as they listened to this teen's intergalactic troubles caused by the surgery. Below is a summary of her intergalactic troubles and let me say, I completely understand why she is so stressed out. nThe video starts with the teen’s mom saying “Gram wants to know how you’re doing”. The teen starts to cry and begins whining about how she is out of gas for her spaceship. She continues to express how badly she wants to get in her spaceship and go to the moon. nnDon’t we all? nnAs her mom is wrestling to get her seatbelt on, she so sweetly says “mom, I love you but we need to get gas in the spaceship so I can go to the moon!” nn#THESTUGGLEISREAL

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