Monkey Steals Dog’s Toy, Talks Back To Owner

AFVPublished: December 4, 201786,412 views
Published: December 4, 2017

Oh my gosh, when I first looked at this video, I honestly thought this was a tot dressed up in a Halloween costume! Now granted, it would have had to have been a very real looking one, but the only thing that shocked me more was that it wasn’t! That’s a real primate. Maybe I should go to the eye doctor and get my eyes checked…nnAnyway, as I watched more closely I saw that the owner of this primate was trying to retrieve her dog’s toy from him. He was not having it though! No matter what she tried-asking, begging or even trying to take the toy back from his hands. He refuses to let go of his new found love-a dog toy! nnI get it. Sometimes you just want something because someone else wants it. You know that feeling? It’s like when you are going to give clothes away and then a friend asks for one of the shirts and you start thinking “wait, maybe I don’t want to give that shirt away after all. Especially now that I know someone else desires it.” nnOnly this guy didn’t own this toy in the first place! He has the dog’s toy. C’mon guy, we can get you a monkey toy that you may have a lot more fun with! You would actually be able to play with it and maybe we could even get you one that talks back to you? nnYou know what they say, monkeys and other primates are much more intelligent then say, even a dog so this guy may even want an Ipad. Can’t you see him playing games on one? It would challenge his brain a lot better than this stuffed toy does! We could download primate apps and everything. nnRing Ring, someone call this owner and let her know our plans asap!

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