Shelter Puppy Is Caught Red Handed In The Act Of Monkey Business

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Published: December 4, 2017

This adorable Beagle puppy came up with a special masterplan to break from his cage after he found himself captivated between three walls and one fence. This rebellious puppy wanted to break free so badly, so he came up with an idea to climb his way out of it. Watch as he climbs up the cage like a real pro, no climbing equipment whatsoever, quickly managing to reach the top. Talk about amazing skills!

One adorable Beagle puppy found himself trapped in a cage and tried to climb over it. Look at the cute struggle of this puppy as he works his way up the cage, mastering the art of climbing, not afraid of the heights! Sneaky little rascal!

It is adorable how determined the tiny Beagle is to reach the top and he won’t stop until he conquers the summit! This little fellow has some serious skills, and is surprisingly good at climbing. Watch his tiny paws go!

When he reaches the top, he just stands there, staring at the camera, realizing he has been spotted. He is busted all right! Caught red handed and now what? He had to take some serious fall down, back in the cage, hopefully not breaking his legs.

Little fellow still hasn’t mastered his sweet escape, but we expect him to run free any day now!

Attention! No Beagles were harmed during the filming of this!
Credit to 'Isle Of Wight County Animal Shelter'.

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