Racist Lady Moons Person

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Published: December 4, 2017

Occurred on November 19, 2017 / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Info from Licensor: "We are at the gas station. All the gas pumps were full with cars lined up. I was waiting behind her for at least 5 minutes when I realized she was just playing on her phone. She wasn't even pumping gas while playing on her phone. A guy left on another gas pump so I went around to that gas pump which was the one right next to her. I went inside to pay and came back out pump my gas, and a guy was still waiting behind her. At least 10-15 minutes had passed at this point. She got out of the car, and I politely say to her man that there had been a gentleman waiting behind them to pump gas. Before I could say anything else, she just yelled that he could still wait because she didn't care about anybody and that no one was going to tell her what to do. I said that I wasn't telling her what to do, I was just letting her know the inconvenience she was creating for others. She just went off started calling me a honky, white-trash, red-neck, good for nothing. So then I got my camera out and started to film her racism. At that time she didn't want her racism to be filmed, so she stopped saying the racist things, but she felt it was appropriate to moon me. I thought it was hilarious. Even her young daughter came out of the car, flipped me off, and called me a honky. Her mother could have cared less. It was the most disgusting display I had ever seen."

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