Two-Year-Old Girl Rocks On Her Water Skis

LinneaWeikleengetPublished: December 4, 2017Updated: December 5, 2017435 views
Published: December 4, 2017Updated: December 5, 2017

You know you have the guts when you are only a little toddler and you are ready to take some risks. Being brave and confronting your fears is not always easy, especially not when you are only two years old.

The 23-month-old Scarlett Rose Weikleenget from Flowood, Mississippi, is not afraid of the water, as she attempts to water ski for the first time in her life. She is standing still on the boat, all dressed up in a bathing suit, wearing a pink swim vest that is probably custom made for her. And that balance, confronting the waves with such a professionalism… Oh, she is so adorable. Not even the turns can frighten her. She has learned and practiced her techniques that well, a advanced water skier can only envy her!

“Yeah! Good job big girl!” her daddy shouts while filming her first successful attempt at water skiing.

There is still time for smiling at the camera and gloating for what she does. And her parents, they must be very proud of their baby girl, although obviously she is not that small, having in mind that Scarlett is already doing things on her own.

One thing is for sure, she rocks! She is the water skiing ace! Nice job, Scarlett!

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