This 3D Arrow Tattoo Looks Incredibly Realistic

Published December 3, 2017 26,745 Views

Rumble / Creative VisualsSurely we all have wanted to get a tattoo at some point in our lives. Some of us have probably dismissed the idea, but others have entered the colorful world of tattooing.

The guy in this video has a real masterpiece on his chest. This whole footage looks like canvas painting in the first few seconds, but after awhile you realize that this is not a painting. The next moment you think, oh, my God! This guy is hit with an arrow. And then you realize again that you have been lured by the tricky illusion. It's an arrow tattoo that it's actually done by Iron Crow Tattoo in Northern Kentucky.

The arrows goes into his shoulder, then comes out of it and in the center it looks like it pierces his arm again. Standing with his arm straight horizontally, this guy looks like he has come back from a battlefield.

One big round of applause for the artist that created this work of art on this guy’s arm. It looks very real, but now you must be asking yourself if he's always going to have to stand like that now so everyone can see his new tattoo? Maybe, but one thing is for sure. He is not going to quit after this tattoo. Lots of them are yet to come.


  • Dabbylyric, 2 years ago

    WOW! Very cool indeed!

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