These 10 Amazing Animals Have Their Own Superpowers

SlappedHamPublished: December 3, 2017Updated: December 24, 2017349 views
Published: December 3, 2017Updated: December 24, 2017

From a shrimp that shoots bubbles almost as hot as the sun to a jellyfish that can live forever, we count 10 amazing animals with extraordinary superpowers.

For a creature that is barely two inches in length, the pistol shrimp is one feisty little critter. How did it get its name? The pistol shrimp has one disproportionately large claw that it can snap shut with so much force that it produces a wave of bubbles so powerful, they are capable of killing small fish and even shattering glass jars.

They say when you find a critter that looks incredible, with its bright colors, it is usually something that you don’t want to mess with. The dragon millipede of Thailand has the ability to produce hydrogen cyanide, a toxin so deadly that it was used as a chemical weapon in World War I and it was used by the Germans during World War II in their extermination camps.

Think Wolverine is just an antihero in comic books? Think again - the Wolverine frog of Central Africa has an ability that is thought to be unique in the animal kingdom. When the frog is threatened it intentionally breaks the bones in its feet and pushes the sharpened ends through the skin to defend itself against predators

Fleas might not be something to marvel at, but they do have a superpower. Adult fleas can jump up to 7 inches in height and staggering 13 inches in length! That is more than 110 times their length!

Speaking of comic book superpowers, salamanders have the amazing ability to regenerate lost or damaged body parts! They can even completely regenerate complex tissues like the lens or retina of the eye in less than two weeks.

Another animal worthy of their own comic book story is the lyrebird, a ground dwelling bird native to down-under that can mimic almost any sound that it hears! They can produce the sound of children’s toy laser gun, chainsaws, drills, hammers, car alarms and cameras as well as pretty much any other bird that they have heard in the wild.

Ants are the Supermen of the animal kingdom, able to carry up to 50 times their own body weight which is the equivalent of a human lifting a killer whale.

Mimic octopuses are the Mystiques of the deep blue, possessing the superpower of extreme camouflage. Not only can it change color to match its surroundings, it can also mimic other animals’ shapes, colors and behaviors.

The last is probably the one with the best superpower of them all. A species of jellyfish known as turritopsis dohrnii that has the ability to live forever! Known as the immortal jellyfish, it can revert back to its juvenile form if it gets injured, sick or too old. It does this by a process called transdifferentiation in which the cells of the jellyfish’s body change from one state to another.

Can you think of any other animals with powers that could rival those of a superhero? Let us know!


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