Ten Hidden Gems You Probably Didn’t Know Mother Earth Created

Published December 1, 2017 30,368 Views $0.09 earned

Rumble Here is a list of the most amazing places in the world, from fly geysers to crystal caves. Check out this video as we countdown ten unbelievable places mother nature created.

This man-made geyser located in Nevada was accidentally created by well drilling. Hot water is constantly released reaching 5 feet, and water is discharged into 30 to 40 pools. The fly geyser is made up of a series of different minerals, and its brilliant colors are due to the thermophilic algae. Located in a private land and locked behind a closed gate, this hidden jam is rarely open to the public, so very little have heard about it, or visited it! Miraculous, right!

Next on this list is Lake Natron in Tanzania with 10.5 pH water boiling at 106’ F. Deposits of sodium carbonate, which was used in Egyptian mummification, acts as a preservative for the animals who die in the lake. Very curious!

Did you know about the existence of a crystal cave? This jewel-like ice cave is located in south Iceland and is difficult to access, being only accessible in cold winter. Its beautiful blue color is due to the light filtered through dense glacial ice.

The grand circle is a vast region in the Southwestern USA, containing one of America’s most diverse scenery. The route winds through the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Zion and many other national parks. Remnants of ancient civilizations can also be found.

Please watch and share this amazing video featuring ten places that you probably didn’t even know that exist on our planet. All the places are described with their true story and are guaranteed to trigger your interest and give you an idea for your next adventure.

Credit: Albert Ferati