How To Make A Shelter For Your Neighborhood Cats

coleandmarmalade Published December 1, 2017 3,345 Plays

Rumble Winter is just around the corner, which brings those amazing holidays we all love. But while we sit at home, by the cozy fireplace (or other heating elements) and wrapped up like burritos in blankets, there are animals out there that struggle to find a dry and warm place to spend the night!

Help <a href="">feral cats</a> stay warm this winter! This is the easiest, fastest and cheapest shelters that you can make for a few bucks. It won’t dent your wallet, but it will make your heart grow when you see those kittens come for a warm stay!

You will need a large plastic container with a lid, a Styrofoam box with its own lid that will fit inside your plastic container, some straw and a knife.

Start by cutting a hole in the side of the container that would be big enough for a cat to fit through (5 ½ inches should do). Place the styrofoam box inside and use the hole you cut previously to make another one in the Styrofoam. Fill it with enough straw to make it cosy - about half way up should be plenty, since your visitors will pack it down with use).

Now all you have to do is place the lids on both boxes and put them outside! The Styrofoam will keep the temperature inside fro dropping, while the plastic on the outside will guard it from the elements.

If you're looking to make more substantial shelters, there are many different options to be found here:

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