Take Down the Blob, End the Wars, Rebuild the Nation

7 months ago

The Blob is perhaps the best name for the obese bureaucracy we call a federal government. As much as the Blob loves to suffocate nuclear power, space exploration, manufacturing, and food production, it certainly feeds on more wars.

The new Defense bill is $848 billion, and no one knows where the money goes—all Pentagon audits have failed—and by the way, Zelensky will be here Tuesday genuflecting to the Blob for another $61 billion. Speaker Johnson and the Congress should grow a pair of eyeballs and see what's going on. This Blob bill even includes funding the FISA court that authorized spying on Trump's 2016 campaign!

But when you look at the Blob and its main benefactors, it's clear the Blob is consuming itself. After 20 years of forever wars, the military-industrial complex contains more private-equity brats than engineers and industrialists. The military is woke and failing fast, with near-zero recruits from blue-collar American men. They probably hope to recruit illegal immigrants for a Roman-style fascist army if they can, but we're not there yet.

If we look at Ukraine, the best way to destroy a country is to become an agent of the Blob. Ukraine is on the verge of total collapse. What might this mean for Israel, which depends on the Blob to wage Netanyahu's reckless war?

War, fascism, destruction of elections, threats of assassination, this is all the Blob can offer.

Time to shove the Blob into the sewer, and start rebuilding our nation.

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