Little Girl Makes Gigantic Mess At A CVS Pharmacy

Published November 30, 2017 6,242 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsWhen you first see a toddler in a market it is so cute. You mean how adorable they are, look at it. You can not even imagine that a small person like that can cause an enormous mess just in a few minutes time. But yes, they seem to have practiced this routine in a short time and have become an expert in flooding floors with tons of toys.

This is the case with little Hannah. This toddler and her daddy are in one of the CVS Pharmacy stores. First she gets interested in the shelves with CDs and USB drives, but after a while as every child does, she notices the colorful world of toys. It catches her attention and she crawls to it.

Wow, look at all those toys! What a precious smile on her tiny little face…. So many colors it is a shame not to check them at all. And then starts her journey as well as the giant mess in the store…

Even daddy's voice does not seem interesting when you are surrounded with so much toys and magazines.

I bet that after seeing this video whoever said “little children- small problems” will check their theory twice.