10 Hilarious Theories Believed In By The Flat Earth Society

Published November 30, 2017 5,992 Views $17.46 earned

Rumble Is it a ball? Is it a disc? People have been discussing this for some time now, probably making Nicolaus Copernicus turn in his grave! While modern people know that the planet we live on is a sphere in space and part of our Solar System, there are people, most of whom have went to school, who claim that all those images that have been shown to us all this time are the product of an elaborate Photoshop scheme.

They call themselves the Flat Earth Society, a group of people from all over the GLOBE who say that the concept of a spherical Earth is nothing short of ludicrous! They call the rest of the world “globularists", those who think that Earth is an oblate spheroid. According to the Flat Earthers, globularists have been duped by elaborate cover-ups and conspiracies hidden within complex terminology and falsified concepts by governmental agencies like NASA. The average person just doesn’t understand what they’re being told, so they go along with it.

Flat Earthers aren’t just regular folk, celebrities have joined them too. American rapper (and Flat Earth Society member) B.o.B. has been in the news recently with his crowd-funding efforts to send satellites into space to prove Earth’s flatness. Over the past two months, he’s raised $6,800 of a $1 million goal, with some donations having comments attached to them explaining the money is being given so flat-earthers might finally understand they’re wrong.

Or hell could freeze over first.

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