Angry Yellowstone Bison Use Road As Runway Causing Traffic Jam

Published November 30, 2017 13,189 Plays

Rumble / Close CallsYou won't believe Jan and Tanuja's crazy encounter with two male bison while they were driving through Yellowstone. Tourists find themselves in massive traffic jam of bison, but luckily nobody was harmed. This tense standoff could have ended much worse!

Traffic jams are one of the most common excuses for being late, and even though a bison-induced traffic jam may sound like a lie, it is sometimes the truth. Watch how determined these two male bison are to make their way across the street, causing drivers to hit their brakes and stop.

Video shows several cars caught in a traffic jam, having stopped on the middle of the road after the bison decided to use the road as their runway! People stayed in their vehicles, which was probably a good decision given the numerous people who have been injured after getting too close to these large animals.

While bison herds aren’t exactly the most common roadblock, they block traffic more than you would think, especially around Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park. No use in blowing your horns in these kinds of jams. The bison will let you know when you can go, and that is after they are done with their show! Nearly 5,000 bison, the nation’s largest bison population on public land, roam freely inside Yellowstone National Park and often block the road.

Footage clearly shows bison running alongside the road and ahead of the vehicle, where they slow down to a walk. Luckily, after they were done flaunting their large bulky bodies, they branched off into the wilderness. Yellowstone is the only place in the United States where bison (Bison bison) have lived continuously since prehistoric times and are somehow the gem of the place!