This Rich Vs. Homeless Man Social Experiment Has Left Us In Awe

Published November 30, 2017 356 Views $3.15 earned

Rumble / Social ExperimentsThere are people who forget where they came from, so when faced with an opportunity to help someone in need, they would rather turn a blind eye and offer to help.

YouTuber 'RobbyTV' wanted to see how both a homeless man and rich man would react if they overheard him talking about his financial problems. The results of this <a href="" target="_blank">social experiment</a> may surprise you!

Robby is walking down the street and talks angrily over the phone with a “boss" who seems to be kicking him out. Robby tries to keep his job, by begging his employer to let his stay, asking if there is anything he can do to earn more money so he doesn’t get evicted.

First, he sits next to a well-dressed man on a park bench, wailing over the phone. Not even half a minutes goes by, the guy gets in Robby’s face, asking him to “shut the f*ck up" and “could you go and deal with your life sh*t somewhere else?" in the coldest possible manner.

He does the same scenario in front of a <a href="" target="_blank">homeless man</a>, who doesn’t even think twice before jumping to his feet and offer what little he has gathered that day to help the young man in distress.

“Why are you trying to help me though?" Robby asks the kind man, to which he answers that he is used to living on the street and that he wouldn’t want someone else to go through the same.

Robby is touched by his selfless gesture and returns him his money, along with $300 in bills as a thank you.

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