GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Martin Armstrong on International Capital Flows

4 months ago

Head of Armstrong Economics, Martin Armstrong, reviews video charts of the major indexes in real-time, commenting on the NEW GOLD RECORD price examines the pattern of global economic and financial market booms / busts. (Pls. note the opinions expressed in this interview do not necessarily reflect those of the host or management of

- The recent Gold price record indicates gold is going higher soon!
- Soaring rates, increased sovereign risk and elevated debt challenges.
- After reaching a new record high, Martin expects gold to build momentum amid disrupted global capital-flows.
- Successful investing requires an international perspective.
- Fiscal profligacy may be the true monetary policy; the Fed's hands may be tied.
- Martin discusses his consultations with global Central Bankers.
- Martin says capital is still flowing into some regional real-estate markets.
- Review of the Bitcoin Chart - up almost 200% from the recent low!
- Martin's 2024 forecast!
- The ChatGPT and AI trends...
- Special report on Middle East conflict
- Special gold report.
- Forecaster, the new movie on Socrates and Martin!

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