Cat Loves Teasing Dog In A Game Of Hide And Seek

Published November 29, 2017 4,791 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsAfter seeing so many of these incredibly adorable videos, where two individuals with seemingly insurmountable differences get along splendidly, one might stop and ask themselves: how much is too much?

Apparently, there is no such thing as too much videos of a cat and a dog playing together as if they were of the same litter. Just check out how these two get along in a carefree game of hide and seek.

Of course, the cat is the one on higher ground, not willing to let anything slip by her, while the poor German Shepherd, otherwise known as a breed with unprecedented intelligence, falls gullible to the cat’s teasing. She is tiny and incredible flexible, able to hide in the tiniest of corners, meaning that the kitchen counter is the perfect spot. The pup, however, eager to play, runs around the counter, forwards and back, looking for his bud. Where did she go?

Ah, but you see, a cat is nothing if not calculated and detail oriented. Sure, she could climb down to the ground and let the dog chase her around, but where is the fun in that? No mister, she would much rather tease the gullible pup from the top of the counter, because in the end, she can.

But not all cats are this mean. Just check out how this cat and dog duo get along. They love each other so much, the sweet feline doesn’t mind giving her canine brother a massage.