End Wars, End NATO, NO Corporate Climate Agenda and NO Vaccine Mandates…Surprising Convo W/ 2024 Candidate Jill Stein

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The Kim Iversen Show LIVE | December 8, 2023

2024 Presidential Candidate Jill Stein is a Harvard-educated doctor, a pioneering environmental health advocate, and an organizer for people, planet, and peace. She has helped lead initiatives to fight environmental racism, injustice, and pollution, to promote healthy communities, and to revitalize democracy. She has helped win victories in campaign finance reform, racially-just redistricting, and the clean-up of incinerators, coal plants, and other toxic threats. She was a principal organizer for the Global Climate Convergence for People, Planet, and Peace over Profit.

Donate, Volunteer or learn more about Jill Stein's Presidential Run: https://JillStein2024.com/

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