Statistician William Briggs on whether VERBAL dialog can resolve scientific issues

7 months ago

Here it is. Directly from the "Statistician to the Stars" William M. Briggs who is a respected expert on science and statistics (that not everyone agrees with but that can be said of anyone in the field).

He says it is preposterous that pro-vaccine "scientists" refuse to engage with me in a civil verbal debate. There is nothing requiring debates to done in the peer-review literature. In fact, Briggs argues that such arguments are preposterous.

See more about him here:

We agreed on every point.

We also went through all the attempts to debunk my analysis posted by Dr. Jonathan Laxton on X. Laxton won't do a live dialog and insists on taking pot shots from the sidelines. Briggs basically frowns on this approach; if you want to resolve a disagreement, this is a very inefficient approach. We go through all of Laxton's 5 objections.

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