The Liberty Zeppelin Grand Launch Party!

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Glenn Meder has been writing about privacy, freedom, and liberty for the last decade to his Glenn Meder newsletter. Join us today as we unveil his newest project: The Liberty Zeppelin, a digital magazine designed to be printed and shared locally.
Our rights come from God and not the State, which means that the government does not have the authority to take our rights away.

Our political representatives are our servants, not our masters.

We need to cherish the Constitution, which is our line in the sand that tells power-seekers we will not allow them to encroach on our rights.

Any federal law that is contrary to the Constitution is an illegal law, and the states and the people have the power and the duty to nullify such laws.

This newsletter will be called "The Liberty Zeppelin." It will have its own look and a new way for you to read our articles. We have a professional editor who loves our mission, and we have some great people who have agreed to write articles for us.

It will focus on freedom and protecting our society from the psychopathic tyrants who are trying to enslave humanity. My goal is to create a powerful newsletter that shines the truth on their lies-a publication you can forward to others to get them to open their eyes.

I’ve invested a lot in this new venture. I am very excited about it and love it, so I hope you love it too!

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