Canada Euthanizing Thousands of Citizens With Low Credit Scores Every Week – Media Blackout

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6 months ago

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Canada has been completely infiltrated by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum and the policies of the Trudeau regime are now reflecting the full horror of the Davos globalist agenda. Trudeau has passionately endorsed state euthanasia, signing laws that vastly expand the reach of the central government when it comes to killing its own citizens and reducing the population.

Depopulation is the primary goal of the WEF and Klaus Schwab’s puppets in the Canadian government are now showing us what that looks like in real time. According to the latest figures, Canada is now euthanizing thousands of citizens each and every week.

The nation that once prided itself on being open-minded and tolerant, now has a regime that is euthanizing citizens with low social credit scores – and the reality on the ground is so terrifying that the media have been ordered to cover up the story.

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