Family Feeds Wild Boar That Has Zest For Bread

Published November 28, 2017 4,320 Plays

Rumble A family living in the Kaliningrad region in Russia have been having one very unusual repeat visitor in their backyard. A wild boar kept coming near the humans for one purpose and one purpose alone - no, it’s not for the belly scratches, but for the food.

The adult wild boar can be seen standing just a couple of feet away from a young girl and what we suspect to be her mother and grandmother, as they sit on a picnic bench. The ladies are feeding the wild animal flatbread, which the boar seems to be accepting with open arms, or in her case, mouth. The boar is bristly haired, grizzled, blackish and brown in color, and stands up to 35 inches tall at the shoulder. Boars live in groups so it is very odd that this one came here alone.

This swift animal with sharp tusks, although normally unaggressive, it can be dangerous because of its great strength, speed, and ferocity. Wild boars or wild pigs as they are called can charge at people when they feel threatened. These animals are nocturnal, and omnivorous and are good swimmers. Wild boars are known as one of the favourite beasts of the chase.

The family who feeds the boar might have had all the best intentions with their decision to let the boar have a snack with them, but giving food to wild animals can make them associate it with the humans it comes from, so every time they see a human, they might go after them.

The video lasts for about two minutes, but judging by the way it starts and end, the wild boar might have been these people’s lunch guests for quite some time.