5 years ago

Bride And Groom Engage In Epic Wedding Dance With The Riverdance Troupe

Wedding days are supposed to be one of the most special days in one's life. It is the day that two souls officially become one and celebrate their union with friends and family. To make this day special these bride and groom decided to surprise their guests with a very unique dance performance.

Weddings are all about traditions. The dress, the suit, the cake, the vows, the dance, everything symbolizes a good beginning for the couple’s future life together. In addition, often times newlyweds want to throw a little surprise for their guests, making them jump out of their seats, laugh and applaud with excitement. Usually, it is the bride and her dad that throw a dance routine so elaborate, people faint with how good they are.

These bride and groom were both lead dancers and traveled the world with the original Riverdance, so naturally a lot of the original troupe attended their wedding. The talented newlyweds decided to flaunt their dance skills and show their crafty moves to their guests. Watch as their dance routine leaves guests at awe.

Footage shows the energetic bride and groom putting their happy feet into action and engaging in a fast traditional dance, to which members of the original Riverdance troupe join in, moments later. The atmosphere is electric and the entire room is entertained by their performance!

Watch as the groom and his bride perform a wicked display of footloose, flaunting them awkward dance moves. What an original way to start their life together!

What a beautiful moment shared between the newlyweds. You can feel the love in the air. Who knew that so many people had such great talent! For all you Broadway fans, wouldn't this just be a treat on your wedding day? These newlyweds definitely went above and beyond to make this a special day!

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