Guy Thinks They're Doing An Audition, But It's Actually A Pregnancy Announcement

Sabrinaclendenin Published November 28, 2017 73,869 Plays

Rumble / Priceless MomentsIt is pretty much safe to say we have seen a lot of pregnancy announcement videos out there and they all have been as elaborate as they come. Long gone are the days when a simple “I’m pregnant" would have sufficed (thank you, social media!). Cakes, riddles, quirky presents for the grandparents, fishing lures, you name it! But we have yet to see a woman announce to her husband that she is finally pregnant on an audition...oh wait, we have such a video right now!

Here’s a little back story: Sabrina Clendenin’s husband Jordan really wanted another baby. But Sabrina was hesitant, since they already have two girls and are really busy. Eventually, she came on board with the idea and was really excited to tell him that they are expecting another bundle of joy.

She wanted to surprise her beau with the news in a unique way. So after some brainstorming, and a little effort, she convinced him to help her with a video audition for one of her favorite TV shows, Family Feud. He knows it’s her favorite show, but he gave her a categorical “NO" the first time around. It was her turn to be persuasive.

The first few minutes in are simple. But eventually, Sabrina says why they would be especially perfect for the show. “Because I think they like pregnant people on, like when they’re showing, they love it" she says.

Jordan’s reaction to his wife’s discreet drop of crucial information is worth all the money in this world! Congrats to them both!


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