December 5, 2023 County Executive Committee (CEC) Meeting

6 months ago

Regular, scheduled meeting of the Montgomery County Republican Party CEC on December 5, 2023.

After Republican Party of Texas Chairman Matt Rinaldi called the meeting of the Montgomery County District Executive Committee to be held at the location where the party majority was holding their December 5 County Executive Committee (CEC) meeting, Montgomery County Republican Chairman Bryan Christ immediately filed a lawsuit against his political opponent and 17 other Precinct Chairs in an effort to prevent those members from voting in the District Executive Committee meeting.

View meeting call by Republican Party of Texas Chairman Matt Rinaldi:

Chairman Christ then called his own District Executive Committee Meeting in direct violation of Texas Election Code 171.054.

Prior to the CEC meeting, Chairman Christ also violated Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Rule 8(f) by calling a duplicate meeting on the same date and at the same time for his minority faction of the party. Republican Party of Texas Chairman Rinaldi did not recognize Chairman Christ’s improperly called meeting and instead called the District Executive Committee Meeting to be held directly following the party majority’s properly scheduled and noticed meeting, indicating that the Chairman’s dual meeting was improper and fallacious.

Chairman Christ sent two representatives to the meeting and a process server, disrupting the meeting and distressing members of the CEC and Republican Party visitors.

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