Toddler Covered In Chocolate Claims She Didn't Eat Cake

Published November 28, 2017 3,437 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsWe’ve seen all kinds of perps being confronted at the scene of their crime, but this one has to be the most adorable one of them all! It is so adorable how toddlers can’t seem to make up a lie, simply because they are not even familiar with the concept!

“Cake!" says the tiny girl, pointing a tiny, chocolate-crumb-covered finger towards the mess on the kitchen floor, where once stood a lovely <a href="" target="_blank">chocolate cake</a>.

“You stole chocolate cake" asks mom. “Yeah" ads the tiny tot, with a hint of sadness in her voice.

“And, did you eat any of it?" continues mom, although we are pretty sure we know the answer to that question. A cheerful “nope" rolls out from between chocolate-stained mouth and we can barely hold out giggle. We also love how she continues to make another observation that there is chocolate cake on the floor and that she is in fact eating it at that moment!

To make matters hilariously worse, the girl even managed to grab her baby sister as a partner in her confectionery crime, covering her PJs with chocolate!

The only thing that had us laughing more that this cake thief is this adorable <a href="" target="_blank">cupcake thief</a>. We can’t decided if it’s those braids that are hanging around her face, her iron-clad determination that she did no harm, or the fact that she managed to outrun cop-daddy in several laps around the house, when he tried to comprehend his sticky-fingers daughter, but we can barely catch our breaths!