Watch These 50 Amazing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

SlappedHamPublished: November 27, 2017Updated: November 28, 2017
Published: November 27, 2017Updated: November 28, 2017

Welcome to yet another Slapped Ham video production, the YouTube channel with almost 500,000 subscribers that feeds you top 10 lists, countdowns and facts about everything. Callan here discusses 50 amazing facts that will blow your mind, from cows mooing with accents to mosquitoes peeing on you.

1. Facebook shut down a pair of artificial intelligence robots named Alice and Bob after finding out they have started talking to each other in their own language;

2. That pleasant scent when rain breaks a period of warm dry weather is called “petrichor”.

3. Bears have their favorite trees and will walk for miles just to their soothing back scratches on them.

4. The name RayBan comes form the fact that these glasses ban ray from coming into your eyes.

5. The “Truman Show Delusion” is a syndrome in which people actually think they live in a reality TV show, or they are constantly being watched by cameras.

6. Steve Jobs never wrote a single piece of coding during his career in Apple.

7. “Athazagoraphobia” is the fear of being ignored, replace or forgotten by colleagues, friends and family.

8. In a 1989 issue of the Amazing Spider-Man, it was revealed the Peter Parker lives in 20, Ingram Street, in Queens, New York. It turns out that this street address is actually real and even more amazingly, and the people who live there have the surname Parker. Stranger still, their neighbors have the surname Osborne which is the alias the Green Goblin uses when he is incognito.

9. More than 800 languages are spoken in New York City, making it the most linguistically diverse city in the world.

10. Language specialists suggest that cows moo in different accents depending on where they’re from.

These are only 10 of the amazing facts in the Slapped Ham list. Watch the video to find out more!

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