Dark to Light: Hearings, Hearings Everywhere

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Hearings abound today, but first, we start off with some wholesome! After we tackle some news, we get into the hearings with Wray and also touch upon a bit of the Riley Gaines controversy.

The show is full of info today, so make sure to check out the notes below for links. And remember, Kyle Seraphin broke the story about the FBI targeting "Traditional" Catholics right here at our very own UncoverDC. See you Friday!

We all want this fridge: https://twitter.com/Sadie_NC/status/1732160167871959270

A boy and his tractor: https://twitter.com/HTAgronomy/status/1730665150565257631

Dink? https://twitter.com/aubrey_huff/status/1732372336719139206?s=20

WaPo Journalists are upset: https://twitter.com/HarmfulOpinion/status/1732235561015157122

Yoo: https://twitter.com/robbystarbuck/status/1731917547614650664

UDC does breaking news:

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