Steph Curry Completely Ignores 10-Year-Old Kid Asking For His Autograph

TheFumblePublished: November 27, 2017163,478 views
Published: November 27, 2017

Thanksgiving came and went real quick this year, just hours after people finished eating their Thanksgiving meals they were already in the stores fighting over $200 TV’s. What a way to show you are thankful and grateful and how soon we forget!

During the weekend, one lucky fan had the opportunity of a lifetime as he got the most amazing present for his 10th birthday! His parents surprised him with tickets for his favorite team and he finally got the opportunity to take pictures with some of the players. However, he failed to obtain the one autograph he wanted the most, not because he couldn’t find Stephen Curry, but because the player decided to curve this kid, and completely ignored this young fan!

Britt Johnson comments for the Fumble that this kid got the surprise of a lifetime when he received tickets to attend a Warriors game. Most of the players accommodated his requests for autographs, but surprisingly Steph Curry was the one to poop on his party. His mama bear was not having it and decided to share her story with the world!

Footage shows that the kid is desperately trying to get Curry’s attention by waving a jersey in front of his face and the player is being so arrogant and simply ignores the excited kid! Mother Monique Jenkins wrote that she is disappointed as she thought this would be the best birthday present for her 10-year-old kid as he didn’t want a party like most kids do, and gave up all that just to meet and see his favorite player in person.

The mother underlines that she is not trying to ruin Curry’s reputation, because she is adult and gets his fame. However, the 10 seconds of this celebrity’s time would have made her son’s day and would have given him unforgettable experience, but instead he came home disappointed and is now depressed and in tears. Shame on you Curry!

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