Plane Passenger Is Concerned After Noticing The Window Is Off Frame

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Published: November 27, 2017

The fear of flying is considered to be a fairly widespread phobia, and for those who share this aversion to air travel, your fear may be confirmed after watching this video. This brave traveler shared footage on November 20, 2017 of his plane window coming loose from the aircraft during a recent flight over Concepción, Biobío, Chile, reminding us how vulnerable we are at 3,000 feet in the air!

The passenger has taken a low-cost airline and his plane ticket cost only about $30. However, he did not expect the plane to begin to fall apart while it was still in the air. He couldn’t help but worry when he noticed that the window was totally off it's frame and recorded a video with his cellphone, to share his story with the world. Watch as the passenger casually peels back the window of the plane, urging us to wonder, should he be concerned?

Pilot Patrick Smith says that this damage is not a safety risk and it doesn’t represent any danger to airplane passengers, adding it is just a superficial liner that helps protect the actual window. Although he admits that it looks embarrassing and unprofessional, he assures there is no place for concern.

Planes usually have three windowpanes. The first window that we see come loose in the video is called the scratch pane, which serves to protect the middle pane and the outer panes from scratches and damage. It also helps minimize the outside sounds that make it into the internal cabin, giving passengers a more pleasant flight. The two outer panes are most important, as these are the panes that actually protect passengers from the pressure in the atmosphere.

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