Beagle Pup Fancies Herself An Escape Artist

ViralHog Published November 27, 2017 133 Plays $0.47 earned

Rumble What would you do if you had to spend 8+ hours locked up in a fenced enclosure, with only your buddies’ company to keep? Surely you will go ballistic and would want to get out, now! Surely that is how one Beagle pup in Colombia felt, because why else would the dog climb the chicken mesh fence, stick her head through the tin roof and jump 8 feet down into the open yard? We wonder...

Just like his namesake, this Houdini Beagle is an incredible escape artist. Only her name is not Houdini, but Sophia, an adult <a href="" target="_blank">Beagle</a> dog sharing an enclosure with three other pups. They look like they have everything they might need for their short, daily stay there; they are safe from all the element and are not lonely. But it would seem that Sophia wanted more out of her day and she couldn’t find it in that cage.

Another thing that we can say for certain is that this is not the first time Sophia has done this. Judging from the way she climbs that fence and those planks that have been nailed above the door, Sophia is a pro <a href="" target="_blank">escape artist</a>.

Sophia’s owner says: "When I leave home to go to work, I put my dogs in the enclosure so they wouldn't get lost. Many times when I got back home, Sofia was out of it. I decided to put a camera to know what was going on."

Persistence is a virtue, it would seem.