Drugged Cashiers Fall Asleep On The Checkout While Serving A Customer

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Published: November 27, 2017

This is the shocking moment when two drugged cashiers presented service with a snooze as they fell asleep on the checkout while they were serving a customer. This hilarious moment was filmed on camera on November 23, 2017 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA when two friends went to the gas station to get drinks and junk food and had to deal with the dosed cashiers on the register.

Midway through checking out the items, the cashiers appear to have fallen asleep, one with her head down and the other with her head back and her mouth hanging open. The shocked shopper recorded the spectacle as the two shop workers both appear to be finding it hard to stay awake. Watch as one of the cashiers has her head back with her mouth hanging open while the other is slumped forward. After the shopper yells “Hello” they open their eyes and act like they didn’t just wake up from a nap.

One of the cashiers appears to have a great deal of trouble with the scanner, while the other cashier is struggling to bag up the items and only manages to bag one bottle of soda before her head falls forward again. It is unclear from the video if the workers were actually on drugs, but it appears so.

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      LMK · 1 year ago

      Co2 poisoning RESEARCH IT!! Instead of claiming internet fame, call for help. Sure hope someone's death from this doesn't lie in the hands of someone filming rather than calling for help.