This Kid With His Illusion Ape Costume Won Halloween

Halloween is a holiday that every person on this Earth eagerly awaits for. It is the one day of the year when you get to be whomever you want to be! From witches, vampires and fairies, to the most elaborate, most incredible hand made costumes that the wearers can come up with.

DIY costumes are no new thing - people have been improvising their Halloween outfits since day one. But as the time progresses, so does imagination and nowadays, the costumes that people wear on the night of 31 October will play tricks with your eyes and boggle your mind! Don’t wait for us to give you an example, check this kid out!

‘pauliemags’ decided to wow everyone on his cull de sac this Halloween night by dressing himself up in one extraordinary illusion costume. It would seem that Paulie always wanted a chauffeur of his own, but lacking the financials, he got himself the next best thing - a gorilla by the name of Bob to carry him around in a crate.

With a stuffed real-size gorilla costume and some spare pants, Paulie has won this year’s Halloween! The way he talks to the ape and stumbles around makes it look like there's really someone under that mask. Wicked!

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