January 6 Vicious Police Brutality - Elderly Women Rammed Down Flight of Stairs & Injured!

2 months ago

Here is the VICIOUS Police Brutality that occurred to elderly women on January 6th on the steps of our own Capitol!! This Peaceful Patriot Protestor was MERCILESSLY rammed down a flight of steps & injured badly!!

Where is the the Criminal Charges for this oath breaking Officer & nearly 3 years of Solitary Confinement in the Gulag for him as he waits for trial?!

My team at J6Truth will be releasing a series of haunting videos of what truly happened at the Capitol such as this one, all narrated by Police Use of Force expert - Steven Hill (25 years Law Enforcement, 8 years Undercover Operations, 8 years Supervisor for APD SWAT Team, Master Training Instructor for SWAT team tactics, response force tactics, terrorist & active shooter detection, police techniques and procedures. Expert Witness in Use of Force, less lethal weapons, covert operations, crowd control)

Please share these videos & tag your Congressmen

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