Kids Get PRANKED With HORRIBLE Christmas Presents! Their Reactions Are PRICELESS!

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Published: November 25, 2017Updated: November 28, 2017

This video was recorded by a set of parents who decided to play a little Christmas prank on their three adorable children. The parents have set a tradition with their kids that the family engages in every single year at Christmas time. They have a tradition that the parents allow each of the three children to open one gift on Christmas Eve. However, the children must wait until Christmas Day to open the rest of their gifts from their parents and to open the gifts that Santa Claus will bring.

Many families have this same tradition, and it is one that children adore. The only problem for the kids is trying to choose the right gift to open. If they open the “wrong” gift (like clothes) they will have nothing new to play with that night until they get to the next day and open the rest of their gifts.

The particular year that this video was recorded, this set of parents allowed their children to open a gift the night before Christmas as they always had, but they chose the gifts this time. The parents say that they chose some especially “boring” gifts for the kids to open. The reactions of the kids are absolutely priceless.

The children sit on the family couch, anxiously waiting for the go ahead to open their one, special Christmas Eve gift. The father explains the rules again that state the kids are not supposed to ask for a second gift. The eldest daughter tells her father that they know the rules already, and it is evident that these three kids have no idea what their parents had in store for them.

When the kids finally get to tear open their gifts, they are speechless when they see what is inside each of their boxes. The children have opened Hamburger Helper, locks for a car door, and a “handmade” tile from Dad!
The father exclaims from behind the camera next to Mom that the kids should be excited since Hamburger Helper is their “favorite meal.” The children are so shocked. The mother tells the kids that they did not have very much money this year. These parents are absolutely excellent actors!

The younger daughter, Avery, instantly looks especially disappointed. Her “gift” was supposedly a “handmade” tile from her father, but in reality, Avery had made this tile for her mom for Mother’s Day! The eldest child is quick to point this out ever so slyly. It seems like the children at first really are trying to be polite as they have obviously been taught, but their disappointment eventually gets the best of them.

The parents keep the charade going for quite some time. This is hilarious! The son, Chase, eventually just leaves the room. The oldest daughter is pretty angry, and she storms off at the end of the video. These parents seem to have a future attorney on their hands with the oldest daughter! The younger daughter is so upset, but mainly because she seemed sad that her gift to her mother was taken from mom and given back to her! This little angel seems like she would have been perfectly happy if Dad really had made her this hand painted tile, as long as it really was one that he made!

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