Guest: Rep. Andy Biggs | Biden & Mayorkas Impeachment | Santos Out | J6 Tapes | The Alec Lace Show

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The Alec Lace Show • Tuesday, December 5th 2023

Today Alec is joined by Congressman Andy Biggs of Arizona to discuss the new evidence against Joe Biden and the Biden Crime Family. When we can expect to see a vote on the floor to impeach Joe Biden.

Alec will also be askin Rep. Biggs for his take on the issue of Rep. George Santos being expelled from the House.

Alec will also be asking when and if we can expect the rest of the January 6th tapes to be released, a timeline for the impeachment of Mayorkas and what we need to know about the Hemisphere Project.

Alec describes his Father/Son weekend of learning Navy SEAL Tactics from combat veterans and how you can learn to protect your family as well.

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