Osbournes Get REAL Dirty: Family Secrets, Ghost Stories & Ozzy Exorcism | Answering YOUR Questions

2 months ago

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Welcome to another electric Osbournes podcast episode.

The family is back again (sans Kelly) with an extra epic special treat: answering YOUR questions! We fielded fan and audience submitted voice notes and the Osbournes will be diving into what you want to know. Firstly, a moving update, are Ozzy and Sharon FINALLY... on their way back to the UK?! And later, from daily routines to holiday traditions, get ready for unfiltered fun, family feuds, and rockstar revelations.

Ozzy's a "big YouTuber" now, Sharon's a bathtub queen, and Jack's a morning bird. They spill the details on their European Christmas Eve feasts, Boxing Day traditions, and that time Santa got crucified in Japan (seriously). Ozzy hates the holidays, Sharon loves them. From favorite holiday drinks to Pete the roadie's hilarious egg-boiling antics, they answer your burning questions with typical Osbournes flair: Will Ozzy do AI music, the McDonald's McRib, Ozzy exorcisms, favorite holiday traditions, did Ozzy bite a lion, the legality of marijuana, Randy Rhoads hilarity and tour adventures, and so much more. 


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