The Power of Kingdom-Oriented Education | Bruce Friesen Part 2 - Truth Talks with Dr. Ann

5 months ago

In this episode of Truth Talks, Dr. Ann is joined by Bruce Friesen who shares his experiences in Uganda which led him to understand the importance of education in transforming nations. Friesen discusses his involvement in kingdom-oriented education that instills biblical values and virtues in students around the world.

Bio: Bruce Friesen, founder of Children Arise Ministry, shapes nations through transformative education. He's the visionary behind Life Tree Churches and the Global Transformation Collective, influencing all spheres with God's word. Based in Victoria, BC, Bruce and his wife have three children and ten grandchildren.

Find more about Bruce's work, how you can get involved, and resources here: https://www.globaltransformation-netw...

You can also contact Bruce at 250-508-5466


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